Your Memory is Getting its OWN CPU?? - WAN Show February 19, 2021


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Timestamps (Courtesy of AD)
Topics: 0:06
Intro: 1:57
Sponsors: 2:20
Samsung calming 1st high bandwidth memory and AI processing: 2:30
Nvidia slows the mining performance of up coming 3060: 13:37
New floatplane video (Buying counterfeit LTT Merch): 19:35
Sponsors: 24:35
Reacting to xQc’s reaction to Linus’s reaction of xQc building his PC : 28:56
Linus drawing: 49:05
Linus confession: 1:09:38
Linus talks about his “bone-head move”: 1:11:08
Linus “overall response” to the reaction: 1:13:28
Linus talk about Twitch streaming and streamers: 1:14:17
Return to other topics :
Facebook: 1:16:31
Xbox series x got an update: 1:21:56
SuperChats: 1:26:04
Outro: 1:28:46